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How About A Young Kristaps Porzingis Stealing The Show During This New NBA Draft Commercial

(If it doesn’t play embedded on the site, here’s the link)

Pretty cool commercial by the NBA there. Crazy to think of these athletes that we build into heroes on TV actually being real humans that were kids just like the rest of us. And it’s extremely depressing just how clear some of those videos were. I feel like some of these guys had their childhood family videos filmed on iPhones and shit, while mine were filmed on video cameras bigger than my head.

Anyway, I think we can all agree that the highlight of this new commercial is when we get a brief glimpse of young Young Kristaps just oozing swagger with his brother back when he was just a goddamn sprout. Kid could jump and bump with the best of them even back then, despite looking no older than 12 but already a good 6’5 with a ragamuffin haircut.

(Pretty sure I interviewed a guy playing tennis on that Latvian basketball court. Bet no other members of the media can say that).

God I love Kristaps Porzingis. If by some chances one of the Porzingises are reading this, I will pay whatever price is needed to get my hands on video of my little Latvian angel with cornrows. To this day, it is still my favorite picture on the internet.



That’s not weird, is it? Yeah, that’s probably pretty weird. I don’t care though. If we can somehow take that video of Porzingis with cornrows and Videoshop (the video version of Photoshop that I just made up) my fat ass into it like one of those old NBA commercials, I would die a happy man. And maybe, just maybe it would inspire Godzingis to follow me on Twitter.

The Amare commercial still makes me sad because we had all convinced ourselves that he would somehow stay healthy despite playing 1,000 minutes per game on cranky knees.