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Johnny Manziel Gets Served At The Club

TMZ - Johnny Manziel got hit square in the chest with a lawsuit Wednesday night — getting served with legal papers while clubbing in Hollywood … and TMZ Sports has the footage.

We broke the story, Manziel is being sued for allegedly throwing a drug fueled bender at a rental home in the Hollywood Hills earlier this year … and last night, the process server found him outside The Nice Guy.

But Manziel didn’t let the lawsuit stop his party plans — he got right inside his Rolls-Royce and moved over to Warwick … where he partied (and left) with a beautiful lady.

By the way, interesting timing on the party plans — earlier in the day, Manziel’s lawyer issued a statement saying he was still focused on playing in the NFL.

Zero chill from these servers. Inexcusable lack of chill. I mean come on, I don’t care if you’re not even a sports fan, you’ve seen the headlines. You know Johnny’s in a rough spot right now. You know he’s trying to find himself and get himself on the straight and narrow. The club is where he goes, every single night, multiple times a night, to clear his head and figure things out. Doesn’t need you invading that Safe Space with lawsuits and summons and shit. I know it’s your job but have a heart, Johnny’s a human being too.