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Can't Say I'm Too Thrilled About The Trailer Park Boys Being Penguins Fans

Great. This is just fan-fucking-tastic. Exactly what I needed to see. because for the first time in franchise history, the Penguins have a chance to clinch the Stanley Cup on home ice in front of all those dick riding jackwagons in Pittsburgh. And now that they have Ricky and Bubbles and the rest of Sunnyvale on their side, well I don’t see any way they lose game 5 tonight. Almost makes me want to believe that Julian came up with a plan to rig those whole series. You think the Trailer Park Boys wouldn’t pull out all the stops to help one of their own realize his lifelong dream?


You spend your whole life hating an entire franchise and an entire city. Then one day out of nowhere, two of the greatest humans to ever walk this Earth come out in support of both of them?


But this is where we’re at I guess. No Tomas Hertl for game 5. And unless Ricky manages to kidnap Matt Murray and hop in goal to replace him, well I think we’ll see the most disgusting sight ever known to man tonight; Sidney Crosby hoisting Lord Stanley’s Cup over his head. The only positive to come out of all of this is that it looks like the plan will be for Pascal Dupuis to be the first player to lift it. And that’s gonna be pretty DECENT. You can hate the Penguins all you want, but you definitely can’t hate on that move one bit.