#AvengeHarambe Continues As A Bear Opens The Car Door Of A Family And Tries To Get In



It could be just in my head but it seems like there has been a rash of animal attacks ever since zookeepers in Cincinnati decided to shoot Harambe the gorilla in the face. Almost like animals all over the world heard the news and took it upon themselves to #AvengeHarambe. It sounds crazy but it wouldn’t surprise me if word got out about Harambe and the animal kingdom is pissed about it. If humans have the capability to gossip then I say so do animals.


For example, we had the lion who wanted to eat this kid in one bite but was stopped by protective glass





Then we had this panther who stalked it’s trainer but was then like “Oh just kidding” when the trainer turned around at the last second. Pretty sure he wanted to rip out his trainer’s throat





It all seems a little too coincidental to me. Now of course what could be happening is people saw the popularity of the Harambe saga and are now more inclined to share animal videos. That’s possible but I think it goes deeper than that. If Harambe doesn’t catch a couple of hot ones that day, I say that bear doesn’t try and open the doors of that family’s minivan. Call me crazy. Call me a conspiracy theorist. It’s happening. The mentality appears to be, “Take one of ours, we take one of yours” so keep your eyes peeled and stay alert if you’re planning to go to a zoo.