The Pittsburgh Pirates "Game Of Thrones" Starting Lineup Intro Is A Great Idea

I can’t believe it took this long for a team to do something like this. The Game Of Thrones intro is probably the greatest opening in TV history when you combine the song and the video. I never noticed it, but my wife tells me I stand up and sing the song as it comes on every episode like a fucking LOSER. But that’s just the grip the song has on the viewers. For ten weeks every year, Game of Thrones has its fans by the balls from the time the first chord of the intro hits all the way until the Next On finishes. There have been Hall of Fame themes like Full House, Perfect Strangers, and The Sopranos. But the map just brings so much more to the table, even though it’s pretty basic and doesn’t change all that much. It is the only intro on TV that I think actually gets you hyped for the show every time out.

Which makes if even funnier that the Pirates are the ones that did this. If this video was done for the Mets or Yankees, the map would be hopping all around the city and going from the Statue of Liberty to Grand Central to the airports, etc. etc. Instead we just basically do a circle around Pittsburgh as we see historical sites like PNC Park, Heinz Field, the Roberto Clemente Bridge, random tall building, other random tall building, PNC Park Again, another bridge that may be the Roberto Clemente Bridge, and a bridge that is definitely the Roberto Clemente Bridge. Trim out about a minute of filler, mix in a few landmarks along with the actual Game of Thrones music and this could be the thing that finally sends the Pirates back to the World Series.