Chewbacca Mom Is Now Charging $20 For Autographs And You Know What? Good For Her

Mashable- Not only has Chewbacca Mom’s viral fame lasted for a long three weeks and racked up over $400,000 in gifts, but she is now charging for autographs. After her initial Facebook Live video, she has received swag from Kohl’s, trips to New York, California and Disney World, as well as college scholarships for her whole family. Money estimates the net value of it all to be a whopping $420,000. According to TMZ, the viral star, whose real name is Candace Payne, charged $20 for autographs and photos at Dallas’ Fan Expo on Sunday. Her booth was next to Game of Thrones star Jack Gleeson’s.



I was all set to rip Chewbacca Mom for charging $20 for autographs but then I remembered something. This is America. And in America you can throw on a Star Wars mask, make a video, post it to Facebook, instantly become a star and start charging for autographs. That’s the America I wanna live in and I’m glad I do. Why not make as much money as possible off her 15 minutes of fame as she can? .000000001% of people get that chance. She’s already got college paid for for her entire family and countless other free shit. Good for her for pushing the pedal to metal and cashing in as much as possible. $20 might even be low for an autograph. Start at $100 and I bet people will still pay. That’s how crazy this whole Chewbacca Mom thing has gotten. I don’t blame her. She’s doing what she should be doing. The real weirdos in this situation are the people asking for autographs from the Chewbacca Mom. I’m not a big autograph anyway but that autograph has to be worth less than the paper it’s written on. It’d like selling a Damn Daniel shirt. In two years they’ll show that to people and they’ll be like, “Oh yeah I kinda remember that happening.” Weirdos.