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I Cannot Believe The Amount Of Meat This Man Pulled Out Of His Pants


Absolutely hysterical. My man looked like a magician who keeps pulling a never ending scarf out of his nose. The amount of meat that he had stuffed down in his pants was enough to throw an incredible block party. We’re talking all the aunties coming over after church in their big hats, bringing their potato salad with them. This uy had THREE racks of ribs stuffed down there, and assorted other meats. I’m not convinced that was all the meat he had either. There was a whole other pant leg that had to be stuffed to the brim with meats. Definitely had some chicken cutlets and BBQ sauce too. But what can you do when you’re him? You promised the fam a bomb ass cookout, you have to deliver. You can’t tell them you blew the BBQ money playing dice with Darrel, that won’t fly. So you stuff the ribs down your track pants and hope for the best. Just bad luck he got caught.