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RG3 Is Throwing Balls At Nearby Houses Windows To Prove That He Is Coachable

Oh, RG3. Never change, bro. Never change. Yesterday some outlets picked up the story that he’s throwing balls wayyyy away, hitting nearby houses. I just assumed it was because they are in some shitty part of Cleveland where houses and the Browns practice facility overlap. But nope. It’s because RG3 has to prove a point. Everything has to be dramatic with him, nothing can be just normal. Coach wants me to throw the ball away? I’ll throw it to the next town over. He’s doing the thing where you’re overly-nice to someone you hate just to try to prove you don’t hate them. Bobby hates throwing the ball away and sliding, so what is he doing? Randomly sliding in practice and throwing the ball through garage door windows.

It’s so perfectly Robert, I can’t get enough of it.

PS: I’m not a jersey guy, but I’m in the market for a Browns RG3 jersey. There’s just something about it that’s so charming.

PS: What if LeBron is losing the finals because there’s only enough room in Cleveland for 1 savior?