The NFL Has Already Spent More Money And Time Investigating Who Hacked Their Twitter Than They Did Investigating When Ray Rice Knocking Out His Fiancé



NEW YORK (AP)The NFL has “engaged law enforcement” to look into how its Twitter account was hacked with a post purporting that Commissioner Roger Goodell had died. “We have engaged law enforcement to look into the matter,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said Tuesday. “We are reviewing and strengthening our cyber-security measures.”


Classic NFL. They trot out that picture of Roger Goodell smiling and joking in front of signs with integrity and honesty acting like they don’t have a care in the world. Meanwhile it’s a code red situation. People are being waterboarded as we speak. The guy who gave Goodell the bird got fired. (probably) It’s Nazi Germany over there and everything is on hold till they find the guy who publicly embarrassed the commissioner. How many millions do you think they spend on this investigation? Meanwhile they never lifted a finger trying to obtain the tape of when Ray Rice knocked out his fiancé.  Respect, Integrity, blah, blah, blah.