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This 60 Year Old Dude Is Hot As Shit

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I guess this dude uploaded these pictures to Reddit/Imgur (which apparently are not the same thing?) recently because he’s 60 years old, has always wanted to be a model, and thinks this is his last change to become one. Well that only leaves me with two questions:

1. who the fuck has turned this guy down before? Because they’re about to lose their job. This dude is gonna go viral and get a million modeling offers and whoever shooed him away is going to be the laughing stock of the low-level model hiring industry.


2. if this guy thinks this is his “last chance” he is outside of his mind. Amigo, I’d still fuck you without hesitation. If straight dudes are still looking at you and acknowledging that fact that “yeah, I probably wouldn’t try too hard to bang him but if the stars aligned I wouldn’t say no” then you’ve got a lot more left in the tank than a last chance.




PS – Kind of on topic here: I want salt and pepper hair so badly. It’s so hot in the streets. One of my good friends has it, and so does Big Cat a bit, actually, and every time I see them I just think they look so classy. Me? I’m a little blonde idiot. That’s not a man’s head of hair, that’s a frat boys. Men have a bunch of gray hairs from being so stressed out and manly all the time.