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Reader Email - Is This The Most Savage Move You've Ever Seen In A Bathroom?



Reader Email

To whom it may concern:

I feel this is something to share with corporate America. Today I had my privacy completely violated in the men’s room at work. I won’t disclose where I work and do not want my email address exposed, but this office park has shitter stalls that are inappropriately close to one another. Anyone with a weight problem struggles to even maneuver themselves onto the toilet once in the stall, and on busy days you’re looking at a row of 6 shitters with dudes literally shoulder to shoulder inhaling each other’s assholes. It’s disgusting and unsanitary.

I will disclose that this is a software company with a very high Indian population. I don’t know if you have done any research on shitting habits of those from India (guessing you are well versed from the python dick biting story), but they basically hover over a hole in the ground and spray shit everywhere. It’s no difference in a formal office setting only the result is shit stuck in seemingly impossible places around the toilet. Like so far up the back of the bowl it’s like gravity had to reverse in order for the shit to stick there. Or shit dripping down the front of the bowl. But I digress…

I wasn’t sure if this was an aggressive move for sex or what. I watched closely for tapping patterns and don’t think I saw any, but I may have been distracted by the fact that seeing this dude spread eagle in his own stall and put his foot in my stall made my asshole completely clam up and ruined my dump. What should have been a wipe less wipe ended up a total mess even after using half a roll of tp.

Needless to say I’m not happy about this workplace violation and felt the need to share. Picture attached.

Anonymous dude in Wellesley



This absolutely can’t happen. Like I literally gasped when I saw this photo. It’s bad enough when you have a guy next to you in a stall nevermind them slipping their foot into your section. I mean I don’t even want to see the guy next to me at the sink washing his hands. I don’t want to put a face to the sounds. So this is utterly preposterous. .To quote George Costanza…WE’RE LIVING IN A SOCIETY! This is lord of the flies type shit. (no pun intended but intended) No other way to put it.