This 40-Year-Old Man In A D-Backs Shirsey Should Have Been Able To Beat Up The 15-Year-Old He Was Threatening


Unless you’re protecting your family, in the UFC, or the government has gone rogue and decided to take your property, fighting is for the young. If you’re a 40-year-old man getting into fights over dumb shit, you are not exactly winning in life in any possible respect. You should be able to use your words or cunning or the general good sense to turn around and walk away after graduating into middle aged. But even still, you should DEFINITELY be able to leave with your dignity in tact with a 15-year-old. I get kids are bigger or faster these days thanks to hormones in meat or internet porn or whatever but you can’t be this dude here trying in vain to beat up a teenager. And it’s not like this is some LeBronesque teen with man size and strength. This kid is built like DJ Qualls from Road Trip and he put this guy on the ground and played stellar takedown defense after the initial shot. Paul Goldschmidt would be ashamed.


Also I’m not used to feeling bad for loud mouthed fat ladies in videos I blog but the chick at the end asking “Why are you filming this?”…more sympathetic I could not be. You definitely didn’t marry the 40-year-old for his charm or success in life and now you’ve seen him not only be beaten up by a teen, you know there’s video of it that could pop up at any moment. It has to be a real white trash relationship hurdle. All I’m saying is someone is going to be lingering extra long when talking to the male cashier at Walmart about her Miracle Whip coupons just to see if there’s any hope of the grass being greener on the other side.


(h/t Publicfreakout)