The Streaker From The Browns/Lions Preseason Game Says He Just Got "Caught Up In All The Excitement", Of A Browns/Lions Preseason Game


(Source) Anthony Saveriano pleaded not guilty to criminal trespass and public indecency after he was caught streaking at last Thursday’s Browns-Lions preseason game. “He’s a good kid,” attorney Fred Crosby told Rachel Dissell of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “He got caught up in the excitement.” Crosby told the Plain Dealer that alcohol was not the major factor in Saveriano’s decision to drop trou and sprint across a football field, but that “there just hasn’t been that much excitement at the Browns game in a while.”

The 20-year-old streaker, who came to court with his mom, declined to comment. He will appear in court on Sept. 10 to be screened for a first offender’s program. The good news is the rest of the Browns exhibition schedule is on the road. Otherwise, the thought of Jordan Palmer and Trent Edwards taking on his beloved Browns might have been more than he could take, and more than anyone needed to see.



I love this kid. People get too jaded in life these days. If it isn’t instant gratification no one wants it. If a show isn’t the greatest show ever it’s not worth watching. If so and so sporting event doesn’t have the proper star power no one cares. But not for Anthony Saveriano. Guy gets jacked up off a Lions/Browns Preseason game. He just loves football. Bad football, meaningless football, football that no one cares about, it doesn’t matter to Anthony. If people are out on a field tackling each other he’s going to take off his pants and join them. It’s like going back to the days where looking at a Playboy was enough to get you hard. That innocence is lost. Everyone else in the world needs DVDA to even think about jizzing whereas Anthony can still work it to a little late night rerun of Baywatch, and frankly, I’m jealous of him.