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New Jersey Can't Be Serious Trying To Ban Eating While Driving


nydn - You can soon be ticketed for snacking while driving if a New Jersey law gets passed. The state Assembly is moving forward with a bill that would impose fines for “any activity not related to the safe operation of the vehicle.” The broad-reaching bill could include eating, applying makeup and other actions that take away from driving. It sailed through the Assembly’s transportation committee by a 12-0 margin, according to reports. The bill’s sponsor, John Wisniewski, said in a statement that the measure is common sense to prevent deadly crashes. “Year after year reports are issued that describe the dangers of driving distracted, whether it’s texting while driving or using other handheld devices,” said Wisniewski, D-Middlesex. “Yet, horrific car accidents with distracted driving as the root cause continue to occur on New Jersey roadways. That has to change.” The fines levied would be identical those busted for texting while driving. The first offense would cost a driver between $200 and $400. Subsequent infractions tack on an additional $200 and after the third strike, the driver’s license could be suspended.

What a bad day if you are me. First, the creator of the Locos Taco found his way to fast food heaven, and now this? Are we just calling it a day for the drive thru? I don’t even live in New Jersey and this hurts me. How in the world is this even possible? And from New Jersey of all places. If Chris Christie signs this and tells someone they can’t eat, that’s a whole new world of fucked up.

What do they want me to do, wait until I get home to eat my fries? That’ll happen I’d say roughly never in the rest of my existence. One of the simplest pleasures in life is driving down the road, reaching into the bag, and moving your hand around for the french fries at the bottom. You cannot take that away from the people. If this law comes to the DMV, March on the Mall with King Curtis giving the keynote speech.