This Was A Top 3 Flinch of All Time From The Bachelorette Last Night



One of the best live flinches I’ve ever seen. And I know people say watching the bachelor is gay, but guess what you’re gay if you don’t watch it. Legit the funniest show on TV. We got this lunatic Chad running around bullying the entire house, doing steroids, eating yams and lettuce, trying to makeout with JoJo in public, putting the erectile dysfunction doctor in a locker, punching walls etc. It’s must watch TV. And tonight it looks like we got a major brawl on our hands. Literally the only thing that could better is if CT and Abrahm somehow did a weird cross over special.

UPDATE – Chad bought the domain names of his rivals and redirected them to his instagram page

People – Buying domain names for the right reasons? In a move that would undoubtedly help him rank among the standout Bachelorette villains of all time, JoJo Fletcher’s season 12 bad boy Chad Johnson appears to have found an innovative way to mess with his rivals, even with the show having finished shooting. The luxury real estate agent, 28, has apparently purchased the domain names of several of his fellow contestants, including Derek Peth, Robby Hayes, Chase McNary and Alex Woytkiw. Adding insult to injury, the URLs of all four guys’ full names —,, and — reroute to Johnson’s Instagram page.


We’ve officially entered “Legend of the Game” territory. What we have on our hands here is one of the most diabolical reality TV villains of alltime. Of ALL TIME. Villains like these don’t just grow on trees. They only show up once every 4 or 5 years. Names that live on in infamy. CT, Russell Hantz, Johnny Fairplay and now Chad. What we are dealing with here is a perfect engine, a bullying machine. … All this machine does is workout and eat and bully people, and that’s all. Now he’s taken his show global. Buying up enemy domain names and redirecting them to himself. If you’re not on the Chad Train I don’t even know what you’re doing with your life.


PS – Tonight can’t come fast enough with the Bachelor. Based on the previews Chad just beats up everybody and starts throwing guys into the pool. Any yes there is there is nothing more humiliating as a man than getting thrown into a pool against your will. I’d rather land on cement.