Watching Jose Canseco Crush Home Runs In Front Of A Minor League Crowd Just Feels Right

That right there is one of the most heart warming videos you will see on the internet these days. Just a guy doing what he loves. Jose Canseco was put on this planet to do one thing: Hit dingers. And tweet, too. He can be a great follow on Twitter. But mostly hit dingers. It’s like unleashing a great white into chummed waters and seeing it hunt. You have no choice but to marvel at its greatness. And not only is Jose launching home runs, he apparently challenged locals to a home run derby as he tries to break his Major League home run distance record of 622 feet despite being 51 years old. SIX HUNDRED AND TWENTY TWO FEET. At the age of 51. Just Jose Canseco doing Jose Canseco things with God knows what coursing through his body.

The funny part about all of this is that I hate the Home Run Derby. Chris Berman ruined it for me years ago. Plus, the derby always loses a good amount of its luster after the first dozen or so home runs. The best part of the entire contest is when that one guy just catches fire and breaks the record for most consecutive homers or most in a round. But this Canseco video is about watching a professional dominate his craft. Jose’s role in the Talkin’ Softball episode of The Simpsons had him being a larger than life hero saving a woman’s entire life from a burning house. But I’m pretty sure Jose would have traded that in just to live out former teammate Mark McGwire’s cameo on The Simpsons in real life.