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Guy Fieri Stuffing His Face To Johnny Cash's "Hurt" Is An Unbelievable 3 Minute Video




Phenomenal video, phenomenal, but at the same time super fucked up. Making Guy Fieri stuff his face seem sad? Come on now, this is pure jealousy. You can hate on Guy all you want, be my guest. But don’t tell me you wouldn’t trade places with him in a heart beat. To be a millionaire that gets to stuff his face and frost his tips without a care in the world? To be a guy that gets to  wear white sunglasses on the back of his head in an unironic fashion and still cash monster checks year in and year out? To be able to wear shirts with actual flames on it and call it fashion? Come on, that’s how you live by your own rules. The world needs more Guy Fieri’s, march to the beat of your own drummer.




Such a savage move.