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Its Officially Couchella Week - Time To Submit Your Best Questions For KFC Radio Live At Caroline's



Big week for Big Cat, Feits and myself as we’re going live at Carolines on Thursday night. We’ll do it live!

Obviously this is the biggest live event Barstool has ever done so we want it to be as good as possible. That means all week long we’ll be taking submissions for all your voicemails, tweets, and emails. Obviously the bread and butter is voicemails, so call 646-807-8665 and leave us your questions. Some people are too lazy to call the hotline, so we’ll also be taking tweet and email submissions. Tweet us your best questions. Use the hashtag #Couchella so we can find them easily. Or if you want to send an email, the KFC Radio Mailbox is also open. Go to and leave your submission there. 

Last but not least, we will have video for Thursday’s shows so you can film short videos asking questions that we can play on the big screen. If you wanted to be a part of a live Barstool show, this is it. Send us quick vids on Twitter, IG, or email and make sure you use #Couchella.

Tickets are available for the 10pm showSounds like a big chunk of people are doing both shows. Or if you missed out on the 730 but still want to come out, the second show has you covered. All new voicemails and content so its not a repeat. Get involved.