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How Bad Have The NBA Finals Been? Andre Iguodala Is Hitting On Chicks From The Bench In The 4th Quarter






4 minutes left in the game and Andre Iguodala is stealing some poor idiot’s girlfriend from the end of the bench. Unheard of demolition by the Warriors thus far. What really sucks too is we just came off one of the best NBA playoff series of all time with Warriors vs Thunder and now we’re stuck with this. Kevin Love looking lost, Kyrie Irving playing awful, JR Smith being his usual bad self, and Lebron James and Richard Jefferson being the only two guys worth anything to the Cavs. And the biggest loser in all of this besides the audience watching at home? The Oklahoma City Thunder. I hate to keep harping on this but they had it, they had that series, they were the better team for the majority of those games. And now they’re sitting at home watching the Eastern Conference realizing they would have cake walked to a title. Steph Curry barely played last night and the Warriors won by 30+. Andre Iguodala is a game away from getting his dick sucked before the final buzzer. Unreal.