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This Is The Best God Damn Golf Outfit I’ve Ever Seen





So this picture sort of went viral with everybody talking about what a monster hog TB12 has. Umm duh he has a huge dick. He’s Tom Brady. But I’m pretty sure that’s just a golf ball in his pocket and to be honest I’m not the type of guy who likes examining or point out Brady family genitalia. Not my bag. Never has been. Never will be.


But I had to blog this just purely because of how awesome Brady’s golf outfit it. This is not a dick blog. This is a fashion blog. It’s legit a 100 out of a 10. Again I always say wear a belt, but Brady never wears belts and he always murders it. Guy looks like a legit model here. A model with a huge dick.  I don’t even know how you play golf with a sweater that tight and perfect but I’m sure he broke 80.