Baylor Alums Take Out Full Page Ad For Kenneth Starr Praising His "Exceptional Care For Students And Their Well-Being"

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This is always a recurring theme with these stories – always a group of students and alumni that become some delusional vocal minority and start to embarrass every other student and alumni that possess a functioning brain. Saw it at Penn State, now seeing it at Baylor. All the normal people who can recognize when something shady and disturbing went down get drowned out by the people who decide to take and stand and protest or something because a guy seemed really nice and helped win some football games.

I mean praising Kenneth Starr for his “exceptional care for students and their well-being” is so out of touch it’s got to be a purposeful troll right? When a guy was fired from one post and stepped down from another after being investigated for flat out ignoring emails sent directly to him about rape? Almost makes me think this was taken out by a rival just to make Baylor look bad. No way anyone could include that exact phrase without it being some sort of tongue in cheek reference.

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