The Barstool Pirate Ship Is Officially Ready To Launch At Redbull's Boston Flutag


I gotta be honest. I’m not 100% sure what I got us into here. All I knew was that Flutag was going to be a huge event in Boston so I told Milmore to draw us a pirate ship so we could enter into this bitch. This is the vessel we submitted to Redbull.

Well next thing you know we got selected to enter this bad boy. And then as I’m prone to do once I realized we were in it, I started watching videos to see exactly what I got us into. Kinda frightening to be honest…

Umm I think you can die doing this? Like I’m sure we’re going to have to fill out a release that says if we snap our necks entering the Charles that’s on us. And not to mention the fact I’m pretty sure the Charles will burn your skin off as well. Fucking great.

IMPORTANT – We need to find some nerds to help build our pirate ship. So any MIT nerds out there or nerds in general who can build this thing so it flys to the moon let us know.