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This Lion Wanted To Kill The Fuck Outta This Little Kid



And #TeamHarambe takes another hit. Just a week after HarambeGate we’ve got yet another situation involving a little kid and a zoo animal. Wild animals do wild animal stuff. That’s what they’re programmed to do. Harambe probably would’ve killed that little boy last week had they not shot him and, without that protective glass, that lion would’ve FOR SURE killed and ate that kid for dinner. No ifs, ands or buts about it. That lion had one thing on it’s mind and it wad cold blooded murder. I don’t really blame the lion. His brain is telling him to do lion things and that includes hunting for prey. He want to kill that kid so badly. Only an idiot would think differently.


Right on cue


The zoo keepers defended the lion and saying he just wanted to play


Japanese zoo keepers say that a lion that charged a two-year-old boy standing in front of its enclosure simply wanted to play with the toddler.


What the hell is going on around here?! People’s brain wires have to be crossed up or something. That is full on delusion, folks. You have to be a literal stupid person to watch that video and think, “Come on, the lion just wanted to play with the little guy. He just wanted to roll around in the grass a little. That’s all.” Suuuuuuuuure the lion just wanted to play with the little toddler. That’s why he waited until the kid turned his back to sprint at him. All fun and games.