So David Terrell Is Doing Well




(CBS) – Former Chicago Bears first-round draft pick David Terrell was charged with felony manufacturing or delivery of cannabis and a misdemeanor count of battery, according to Chicago Police Department news affair officer John Mirabelli. Officers received a call of smoking marijuana on Friday afternoon and conducted an interview with Terrell, according to the police report. Cannabis scales and equipment to package were in plain view.

At one point Terrell struck the hand of an officer and was taken into custody, according to the report. A second officer was taken to a hospital for medical attention after Terrell tried to resist arrest. Two other individuals were arrested with Terrell, according to Mirabelli. The police report has Terrell’s birth date as April 13, 1978, but Terrell’s birth date throughout his career was listed as March 13, 1979. The reason for that discrepancy is unclear. Terrell was the No. 8 overall selection out of Michigan in 2001. He never flourished in the NFL, where he spent four seasons and totaled 128 catches.


Good to see David Terrell is staying relevant. I mean yeah, hitting a couple of cops and being arrested for dealing pot probably isn’t the best way to start a comeback but on the flip side, people are now saying David Terrell’s name right? That wasn’t happening a week ago. Any publicity is good publicity even if that publicity brings to light the fact that you have what appears to be two independently lazy eyes, which is an incredible accomplishment in and of itself.




Sam Hurd really fucked it up for everyone. David Terrell can’t even be the best former Bear drug dealer. That has to secretly eat him up inside.