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Rougned Odor Reenacts Jose Bautista Face Punch With Dirk Nowitzki

I was watching High Heat on MLB Network today, and Chris Mad Dog Russo was losing his mind over this. I think how I feel about this, and how Mad Dog feels about this, is a prime example of the “Make Baseball Fun Again” crowd versus the old guard.

Russo’s point was that it was nothing to joke about, because he’s serving a suspension for this (returns on Saturday), and how he had a reputation for doing this before he got to the big leagues, and blah, blah, blah. Who gives a shit? If you think this is funny, you are by no means saying that you think players should just crack each other in the jaw every time they have a problem with another player. Rivalries are good for the game. When fans outside of Toronto and Texas are paying attention to what the Blue Jays and Rangers are doing, that’s good for the game.

And if Russo’s point was that Odor has the reputation of being a punk, doesn’t showing that he has a sense of humor kind of go against that point? The picture is of him jokingly punching an NBA champion, league MVP and 13-time All Star in the face. It’s not a video of him shirtless in a gym, hitting a speed bag with DMX blasting in the background. I’ve got no problem with the picture. It’s funny. Shut up and laugh.