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Welcome To The Knicks, Jeff Hornacek!


Boom, there we have it! Start firing off the Horny puns you have been gathering the last few weeks because a picture of Knicks execs standing next to their new hire while holds a basketball makes everything official. It’s the “giant player signing a contract on a tiny table” for the really major Knicks moves.


The only bad part of the basketball picture is that Steve Mills is in it. I don’t know Steve Mills at all, but I feel like anyone that has a good relationship with James Dolan is a snake.

Luckily Abby Hornacek was in attendance to bring back the positive vibes.


*Cue Kurt Rambis going on his burner Twitter account and liking pictures of Abby Hornacek for the next hour*

Speaking of Rambis, Hornacek did not dismiss having Rambis on the staff, which would be a horrible move in my opinion. You can’t have Phil’s guy on the staff. So that was very concerning. However, Hornacek saying this was very pleasant to hear.

Running the extremely basic and extremely effective play that would make young players like Jerian Grant and Kristaps Porzingis much more dangerous on offense seems like a good idea, right? Progress, folks. Progress. And while Hornacek discussed how the triangle would be woven into his offense, I am just going to focus on the positives and again celebrate that Kurt Rambis is not our coach. Now lets sign some free agents and maybe make a trade or two to improve this roster.

Oh yeah, and use some of that James Dolan cash to buy a draft pick so this picture isn’t the latest punchline in the lifelong gag that is being a Knicks fan.