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If You're A Trump Supporter In San Jose Then Chances Are You Got Your Ass Kicked Last Night





I’m not going to outright condone any of this, certainly not, but I’m not going to be all that surprised by it either. As sports fans we all pretty much acknowledge and understand that if you go into someone else’s barn, wearing your team’s colors, and are loud throughout the game then you’re probably going to get yours at some point. That’s just something you have to accept. When I went to Montreal dressed as a bear I said 10 times that I’m not going to blame someone when they punch me in the face.


Well, guess what? California and San Jose probably isn’t the safest place to be for Trump supporters. You march in there chanting about walls and deportation then some vatos may not take too kindly to it and you’ll probably get hit with some eggs and fists. But that’s the deal you signed up for. Go into another person’s house and root for the enemy then you’re choosing violence,  deal with it or just sit at home like normal people then go secretly vote for whoever you want in November.