It Was Sun's Out, Guns Out And Tops Off For Some Of The Mets In The Bahamas


Love the fellas getting out for a day on the links outside the country to unwind after those ugly final two games of the White Sox series. Sure I would’ve loved to have seen Cespedes going 300 off the tee with a Marlboro red in his mouth, but Harvey, Plawecki, and Neil going TOFTB is the next best thing.

However, the biggest takeaway from this picture is that the old Matt Harvey is clearly back. You don’t take your shirt off for a round of golf, let alone an Instagram picture, unless you are mentally confident. Matt knows more than anyone that he has been getting doughier the last few years. That’s why he’s standing next to the dad bod. Veteran savvy. But Matt Harvey doesn’t take his shirt off for a picture unless he knows that he is 100% both physically and mentally. Watch out National League. The Dark Knight is back!