Vintage Video Of A Reporter Falling As She Attempts To Do An Ollie With A Young TJ Lavin Takes Us Into The Weekend

So much to love in this video back when the internet was a simpler place. Just a classic #FAIL as the kids used to say with the ebaumwsorld watermark to remind us of this oldie but goodie.

And of course TJ Lavin as a pup that is still cool and polite as fuck. Picks up the reporter’s microphone or whatever that black box was. And young Teej had no idea at that point of his life that he would one day be the host of the greatest game + show (not game show) in the history of man. With a guy like TJ, The Challenge always has the ability to be great. Now it’s up to MTV to see if they will do what needs to be done in order to make it happen.

Have a great weekend, everyone!