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Of Course Bubba Goes All Hardo On A Heckler On #NationalBubbaDay



Alright so this is a little different than just your normal Bubba getting mad at somebody in the gallery. He’s sticking up for his friend Rickie which I can respect. However, it’s just too perfect that it happened on #NationalBubbaDay after I put up the blog showing a bunch of times when Bubba was a complete dick to everyone around him. Bubba saying, “Who said it? Oh you’re tough now?” like he was gonna go all Malice at the Palace on somebody was a big time hardo moment. But I suppose props where props are due. Nice of Bubba to stick up for his pal. I’m sure Rickie would help Bubba in a fight. Happy National Bubba Day!


PS- Who the fuck heckles Rickie Fowler? He’s like the nicest dude on the planet. Any and all participants of #SB2K16 should have pass wherever they go. It’s the law.