Happy National Bubba Day!















So I guess today is National Bubba Day? Well with that in mind, I’ve decided to dedicate National Bubba Day to the Bubba who ruined the name Bubba for every other Bubba in the history of Bubbas. The one and only (thank god) Bubba Watson. The biggest cry baby on the PGA Tour. The biggest phony. The biggest asshole dressed up in a “Aw shucks” good ol’ boy costume. The man who won’t hesitate to rip into his caddy or any fan standing within 100 feet. The man who never takes the blame when something goes wrong. The man who his own peers hate so much that they wouldn’t help him in a fight. It’s actually fitting that his name is Bubba while not being a Bubba at all. He’s fake. Bubba’s are supposed to be fat guys from the south who love to drink, have a good time and are nice to everybody. I guess Bubba Watson is from the south so one out of four isn’t too bad. I’ve said it from the beginning, we all should like Bubba Watson. He has a great name, a great game and is fun to watch. He’s a self-taught golfer who cuts it and shapes it however he wants and is a bomber off the tee. I wanna like him but it just so happens that he’s a huge dick so I can’t. Happy National Bubba Day!