Mailtime Deluxe - Charlie Doesn't Know What A Box Spring Is

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Extra episode of Mailtime for you this week. Charlie Wisco joined us in studio, fresh off of work at his job at SNY. Chuck is like our KFC Radio guinea pig. For years I’ve been preaching the Good Word of Mailtime and explaining the reality of working life and I feel like a lot of times the kids coming up dont really think its true. They dont believe it. And so now that Yung Wisco has come of age and is entering corporate America, we have a living breathing experiment to prove everything I’ve been saying to any of the doubters.

So Chuck came in studio to basically explain how Super Producer BC and I ruined him as a human before his adult life could even begin. We discuss the different work dynamics that exist and how he expects life in the Barstool Office to completely crash and burn. And we also talked about how to decorate and live in your first apartment post-college. Thats when Charlie admitted he didnt even know what a goddam box spring was. Its simply fantastic watching people this uniformed and ignorant about everything have to go be an adult human in the real world. Ignorant about things I didnt even know were possible. Simply fantastic.