Screw This Quincy Six Year Old Who Called The Cops On His Dad For Running A Red Light

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(Globe)This little guy may have a future in law enforcement. A six-year-old Quincy boy on Saturday didn’t hesitate to report his father to the authorities after he allegedly cruised through a red light while driving the boy’s mother’s car. In a 911 phone call posted to Facebook by Quincy police Wednesday, the boy can be heard turning in his father for committing the traffic offense.




What the fuck? That’s your dad, dude. How many times has he taken you out for ice cream and didn’t tell mom? How many times has he let you stay up past your bedtime or let you watch a movie that was maybe a little too old for you? I know you haven’t experienced this yet, but he’ll be the one calming mom down when you get caught drinking for the first time. Pops is your corner man yet you go and sell the guy up the river like this? Just disgusting. If I was this dad I’d have a friend come over dressed as a cop then haul me off to “jail” for a few weeks/actually go on vacation. See what the little guy thinks of snitching when he’s crying for daddy to read him a bedtime story every night but I can’t because he sold me out and I’m doing time in Walpole.