U of Texas Golfer Beau Hossler Injures His Shoulder And His Dramatic Swing Has To Be Seen To Be Believed



Incredible. Just incredible. I can’t decide whether to congratulate this kid or laugh. Talk about some DRAMATIC follow-throughs on those last couple of swings. If he’s actually hurt to the point where he throws his club in the air on the follow-through, the kid is a hero. He toughed it out through the last couple holes, chipped in and helped his team advance to the championship round. If Beau was milking the injury and the dramatic reaction, I still say good for him. This is how legends are born. This is how you get remembered forever. People love it when an injured player toughs it out. Especially when it’s golf. Think back to Tiger Woods at the 2008 US Open playing with a torn ACL. He winced after every swing and that performance is almost mythical now. Beau played it to perfection. I might not remember who won the 2016 NCAA Golf Championship but I will always remember the time Beau Hossler acted like his shoulder exploded and still finished birdie-par to send the Longhorns to the finals.