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Wild South African Elephant Charges Arnold Schwarzenegger's Vehicle, Is Lucky To Still Have Its Tusks

Crisis averted…for the elephant. You don’t charge The Terminator and expect to survive. Seriously. And I’m not even talking about the movies where he had to deal with such foreign creatures like The Predator or Danny Devito. Arnold in real life has slayed a lot bigger beasts for a lot less. Yes, that includes his former maid. If he could not only hogtie but impregnate that monstrosity I can only imagine what he’d do to that elephant. Arnold, your mistress. WOOF.


Fucking the elephant would be considered an upgrade in the animal kingdom.

Seriously though, Arnold’s got one A+ mid-late life crisis YouTube account going on. Charging elephants, lifting with midgets, waking up the meatstick slave from Gladiator with a bucket of ice. All good things. Check it out and be entertained for a bit.

PS – Obligatory. 4 decades, nothing but net.

h/t kevlar