This Midget Having A Designated Spinner On Wheel Of Fortune Is Flat-Out Hogwash

Listen, I get it if you are a guy that has an issue reaching the Wheel because of your height. Nobody should be denied the American dream (winning thousands of dollars on a game show) due to physical limitations. But having your own designated spinner is patently ridiculous. I have seen too many old women booed to hell for not being able to spin the Price Is Right wheel all the way around to then see a perfectly capable man have a designated spinner on Wheel of Fortune. Because it starts with designated spinners in Wheel of Fortune, then it becomes designated buzzers in Jeopardy, and finally we end with designated hitters in baseball. Oh wait, we’ve already ruined baseball in the American League with that because it’s the same exact thing.

But anyway, the point remains that this is bullshit on Wheel of Fortune. Either make a removable door near the wheel so this guy could slip his hand inside to spin or give him a step stool so he can reach the wheel. I don’t know if Karl is a professional wheel spinner that knows how to avoid all Bankrupts or can hit a $5000 wheel spot from 100 yards out. I do know that Karl got his own name tag, which basically makes him the fourth contestant on the show. Are you fucking Karl, Tony? If so, come back during Couples Week. If not, tell Karl to park his ass in the studio audience with the rest of the losers that couldn’t make it onto Wheel. For all we know, Karl is whispering letters or answers to Tony while Sajak is sneaking his one millionth peak at Vanna’s ageless fine ass. If Tyrion Lannister can run King’s Landing during the Battle of the Black Water, Tony can figure out a way to spin the wheel a few times.

Actually on second thought, Karl definitely wasn’t a ringer. You sure boned that one, Tony.

h/t Alex for the video