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Victoria's Secret Models Dancing And Lip Syncing To JT's New Song Will Help You Get Through The Worst Cube Day Of The Year

This is it folks. Todays the day. The worst cube day of the year. You’re hungover. Your skin is stinging from the first burn of the year. You’ve got those sunburn chills where you’re on fire but you’re freezing. The credit card charges all just hit your bank account. You went balls to the wall for 3 or 4 straight nights – you treated your body like you’re in midseason form when really its just preseason. Its the Tuesday after Memorial Day and your carriage has turned back into a pumpkin.

But here’s the thing – in just 2 or 3 days, you’ll be back at it again. Thursday night happy hour, maybe a summer Friday (at least an early train) and you’re back out to your summer house. Manasquan, the Hamptons, Nantucket, Newport, wherever. Just about 72 more hours and you’re back at it again and you get to wash and repeat for the next 13 weekends. A whole summer ahead of you to chase skirts and sing summer jams like Can’t Stop The Feeling. Or chase dick and sing those songs, I dont judge. Hopefully you’re sharing your single bed in a shitty sharehouse that smells like moth balls with girls who look like these VS models. Chances are, youre not. But in that moment that she agrees to go home with you, that 6 from the bar is your Vita Sidorkina and thats all that matters.

So watch these mega smokes prance around, let JT serenade your hungover brain, fight through your hangover, and just know that today will pass and you have the whole summer ahead of you.