Who Is This Rental Car Owner Who Manhunted Johnny Football To NYC And Basically Tried To Fight Him?

DM - Between partying with Leo DiCaprio,being told his lifestyle would literally kill him, and getting into a street confrontation with a man demanding $90,000, Johnny Manziel has been everywhere in the news since he arrived in New York. And then on Saturday he was nowhere at all. Manziel had gone missing ahead of a gathering for family and friends in The Hamptons, leading to more than 24 hours of worry and frantic speculation.

Manziel’s visit to New York – which began mid-last-week – has been an eventful one. On Friday night, he found himself in a tense situation when the owner of a car rental company in L.A. cornered him on a New York street and demanded $90,000. The man – Wayne Schneider of rental company PCLA – claims that Manziel owes him the money after an accident on April 9 when Manziel’s buddy, Ryan Silverstein, crashed a Mercedes they’d rented from PCLA while he was in the passenger seat.


Who is this guy? I don’t like this guy one bit. What type of rental car owner flies across the country to conftront somebody because they crashed a car? Like I’m not expert in the rental car industry but if this is how you have to collect when somebody crashes then you are doing it wrong. There is literally nothing that involves more paperwork than renting a car and it’s for this exact reason. If you smash it up the rental car company isn’t left holding the bag. You don’t have to go Grand Theft Auto on people. I mean I don’t care whether you love Johnny or hate Johnny this guy is a scumbag and can’t be trusted.

PS – I love the Johnny is a loser crowd. Yeah such a loser that he was partying with Leo all weekend. What a loser.