Sausage-Wielding Neo-Nazis Wage War On A Vegan Cafe




(Source)A vegan cafe in the historic center of Tbilisi was forced to cancel an English-language video screening over the weekend when a group described by witnesses as far-right extremists threw meat into patrons’ vegan dinners and started a brawl. The staff at Tbilisi’s Kiwi Cafe called police on the evening of May 29 after more than a dozen men carrying meat attacked restaurant customers and staff. The clash spilled onto the street outside and neighbors joined in the brawl — some reportedly fighting against the restaurant’s staff and customers, as well as the meat eaters. Minor injuries were reported. The attackers fled before police arrived and no arrests were made. Police briefly detained some cafe staff members for interrogation.A statement issued on May 30 through Kiwi Cafe’s Facebook page described the incident as “an antivegan provocative action” and called the attackers “neo-Nazis” who support “fascist ideas.”On May 29, the cafe was screening English-language episodes of an American animated, sci-fi sitcom called Rick And Morty when the confrontation began.




If you told me that when I woke up this morning I’d be sitting here and thinking, “Good job, Nazis” I would’ve called you a liar. But, life is unpredictable and here we are. Have to imagine Hitler is rolling over in his grave as their tactics have changed from “attempt to murder entire races” to “really fuck with annoying people” but, if you ask me, this is a change for the better. Jews didn’t ever do anything to deserve the anger of Nazis, but vegans have had this coming for years. Can’t keep telling people their business and lecture about how so-and-so plant actually has a surprising amount of protein before some skinheads show up at your door and makes sure that tofu has some real taste to it.




PS – Rick and Morty is such a perfect cartoon for a vegan cafe to be showing. That makes perfect sense. I bet all vegans do is watch those bizarre Adult Swim shows and