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HBO Is Mad That PornHub Is Posting Sex Scenes From "Game of Thrones" On Their Website

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DS- HBO is apparently waging war on Pornhub for hosting sex scenes from Game of Thrones. The Sun reports that the network’s corporate and legal teams are aiming to get material from the show taken down from the world’s largest porn site. It’s all over an apparent breach of copyright after Pornhub has been filled with hundreds of nude clips and sex scenes from Game of Thrones, featuring the likes of Carice van Houten and Emilia Clarke. Last month, the season premiere of HBO’s epic saw a 4% drop in Pornhub’s US traffic, but six million people are said to have visited the site since to look for material related to the show. Searches for Game of Thrones-related naughtiness reportedly boosted by 370 per cent on the day of the season six premiere as well. Clarke was the top search, followed by Natalie Dormer (Margaery Tyrell) and Sibel Kekilli (Shae).




I am flummoxed by this stance from HBO. Positively flummoxed. I said the same thing when HBO was trying to stop people from pirating Game of Thrones episodes. They should welcome all of this stuff. Every last bit of it. It’s free advertising for the show. HBO should absolutely be okay with PornHub posting sex scenes from the show on their website. Hell, HBO should post their sex scenes to PornHub themselves. Do you know how many people go to PornHub a day? I don’t know the actual number but I’m guessing it’s around a trillion. Meaning HBO potentially has a trillion people being introduced to their product on a daily basis and it doesn’t cost them a dime. I can maybe understand HBO being mad about people downloading entire episodes off the internet. That’s just straight up stealing. But watching a sex scene from a show? Have at it! That’s how you get the hooks in non-GOT watchers. Let them watch Khaleesi get plowed. Let them virtually hang out in one of Littlefinger’s brothels. Let the weirdos watch Jame and Cersei smash their related private parts together. Who knows. Maybe those people will then buy an HBO subscription. Wake up and smell the free advertising, HBO.