This Car Running Over Two Motorcyclists Is Peak Memorial Day Road Rage

I think we have all been the guy in the silver car at once in our lives. A hot, sticky Memorial Day Weekend coming to an end as the Sunday Monday scaries start to creep in. Probably spent more time in traffic than you would have liked to. And just before you get back home to sit in air conditioning, you have a bunch of motorcyclists alongside you just being motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists and car drivers are the snowboarders and skiers of the road. Forever oil and water. The thing that separates us car drivers from this car driver are that 99.99999% of us just shake our heads, exhale, and mutter something under our breath as we drive away from those noisy death machines. But there is always the 0.00001% that will go full Grand Theft Auto to try to keep motorcyclists on their toes. Completely over the top and fucked up. I expect the motorcycle conglomerate around the US of A to fire back with some extra loud engine revs at stop lights and especially dangerous cut off of cars at high speeds as a response to this senseless act of violence.

And the fact that this happened in Florida is easily the least surprising part of the entire video.