Still Not Really Sure Why They Let Steven Wright Use A Wiffle Ball Against The Orioles?






Just seems like one of those things that’s kind of unfair, right? If you’re gonna let right use a wiffle ball then you’ve gotta let Chris Davis use a big boppa bat. That’s only fair. And if  your excuse is going to be, “Hey, idiot, that’s not a fucking wiffle ball,” then you better come prepared to tell me what it is, because that ain’t no baseball. Think of it like seeing a UFO: if you’re going to call me a moron for believing I saw one, you better have a better explanation. An Angel in the Outfield is the only other believable situation aside from wiffle ball Wright snuck onto a professional baseball field, you choose.




PS – Great day for Swihart yesterday. Oh I don’t mean at the plate or anything, I’m sure we all forget how he actually did there, but Swihart nailed the important stuff in baseball. Smashed them folk.