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In A Memorial Day Weekend Miracle....We Get A Game 7

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Everybody say thank you to the basketball Gods for giving us the precious gift of a Game 7. What a fitting ending to this incredible series. GS did the impossible and put all the pressure back on OKC. I don’t know how they win in Oracle on Monday. This series was begging for a Klay Thompson Game, and I’d say we got it with his record setting night. In all honestly he’s probably been the best Warrior this entire postseason.

As it has all season, the 4th quarter killed OKC. Up eight heading into the final frame, they would go on to shoot just 26% and turn it over six times. To make things worse they gave up 33 points and 50% and that was all she wrote. They went back to iso ball, Durant couldn’t get to the rim, and the Warriors feasted. OKC had their chance to win the series, and they let it slip.

Safe to say Game 7 is going to be must watch television.



If OKC loses this game, Durant Watch is 100% back on. This may be the heartbreaking loss that finally makes him seriously consider leaving. On one hand I want him to win and beat Lebron, on the other, I really want him as a Celtic. Tough spot.