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Man survives vicious python attack while on toilet



Listen when they pulled that snake out of the ground I literally spit out my coffee and I wasn’t even drinking any.  I was actually having a discussion yesterday with somebody about worst ways to die.  This wasn’t even on my radar.  A python crawling through your toilet and latching himself onto your dick while you’re taking a dump and killing you.  Yeah I know that guy didn’t die, but he almost did and that would have been the worst way to go ever.   “Hey what happened to Abul?  “Oh Python slithered through his toilet, bit his dick off, bled to death.”   Game over.


PS – On a serious note do people even blink when they hear this story in Bangkok?  I don’t think they do right?   Just Bankok being Bankok.


Double PS – When is the last time you heard about a shark pulling a circus stunt like this?  Never.