Vin Scully Reciting James Earl Jones' Speech From "Field Of Dreams" Is The Most American Thing I've Ever Heard

Perfect for this video to come out right before Memorial Day weekend. Francis Scott Key couldn’t have written a better symphony himself. I was brushing away the memories away from my face as I listened to that. There are not many people that can cover a James Earl Jones speech and put him 6 feet under. But Vin Scully did just that. He did what Johnny Cash did to Nine Inch Nails with “Hurt”. And while I don’t know who wins in a voice off between Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones, I imagine there is a secret document that has been signed so that it never happens. Too many innocent people would die from that. However, Vin Scully trumps all of them.

Anyway, after watching that speech, I now have a sudden urge to buy some apple pie, watch some bald eagles run train on a school of salmon, and then drink a dozen cheap domestic beers. USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!