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A Little Kid Fought Off A Bully With The Filthiest Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu You've Ever Seen


This fucking kid is a beast. They always say teaching young kids martial arts gives them a degree of confidence and discipline they wouldn’t normally have and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that theory more on display than here. The little dude stood there toe to toe with the bully and when he knew it was time for action when the bully started trying to act hard he threw that backpack down like Clark Kent switching into Superman and it was on. Just a dominant display with legit transitions and he definitely could have snapped that kid’s arm if he wanted to but chose not to, some extra credit for self-restraint by BJJ Kid.


At the same time, not a bad performance by a shit talking bully. Sure he got completely assed out and emasculated to the point that it seemed like kids who were his friends moved over to team BJJ Kid but he was mean mugging so hard after tapping out and he STILL kept talking shit from a much safer armbar-free distance away. Bully kid might not be tough but he’s got the gift of gab and you’ve got to admire that given his likely lot in life as a 10-year-old bully with no ground game.


Also the kids are young but I have to point it out: BJJ Kid has it made for as long as he’s in the school system with those girls who witnessed this fight. They have to tell every girl they know from now even up until when they get to high school because this is 100% the craziest thing they’ve ever seen at school and because they’re blabby girls and within hours BJJ Kid’s the most popular and toughest kid everywhere he goes. And because his technique is worlds ahead of any aspiring tough kid who’d try him, he’s only going to add more broken arms and bodies to his trophy case. What a life. Keep grindin, BJJ Kid.