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Paul George Wearing His Own Jersey On Vacation Is The Ultimate Power Move


Jersey guys vs. non-jersey guys is one of the ultimate debates in sports. I see both sides of the equation. If you like a certain player or team, sometimes a jersey looks nicer than some random shirt. Then again, wearing another person’s name and number seems weird. Being a fat guy, jerseys can sometimes fit better while hiding unwanted pounds. The basketball jersey in particular is a fat guy’s best friend during the summer months.

But wearing your own jersey is a whole different of weirdness. It’s like a pilot wearing his pilot outfit to a nice dinner. Just seems weird. However I’m going to give Paul George a pass on this because he came back from dying on Twitter. After his leg exploded, he was RIPd to death. More non-ironic skull emojis than I have ever seen in my life. Paul George looked death square in the face and death blinked first. So for that, Paul George can wear his work uniform wherever the fuck he pleases.

That being said, changing his number to 13 for the nickname PG-13 is incrediblyyyyyy lame. That only worked for Andrei Kirilenko who came in the league with number 47 and was a simple yet effective Russian weapon like the AK-47.