GUCCI MANE FREE (And Is Promptly Given A Maybach)







TMZ- Gucci Mane is finally free … getting sprung from behind bars 4 months early. The rapper’s lawyer, Drew Findling, tells TMZ Gucci was released Thursday morning from an Indiana prison. We’re told he already has a home just outside the city. Findling says the rapper will be on house arrest for a few months and will then be on probation. Findling and his team filed a motion months ago stating Gucci hadn’t received credit for previous time served, and it looks like the judge agreed since he’s out early. Sources close to Gucci Mane — who’s been behind bars since September 2013 on a probation violation — tell TMZ he’s also ready to get back in the rap game.  His girlfriend, Keyshia Ka’oir, just posted a pic holding hands with who we’re guessing is Gucci.




OH SHIT! IT’S GUCCI! Apparently Gucci Mane is a free man today. 4 months earlier than everyone was expecting. He’s been behind bars since late 2013 on weapons charges but now he’s back. And of course he was promptly given a Maybach because that’s how you roll if you’re a rapper. You don’t pick Gucci Mane up in a mother fucking Ford. You pick him up in a mother fucking Maybach. I love it. Also, I don’t know much about anything, but if somebody doesn’t sign Gucci up for Snapchat right this second it’ll go down as one of the biggest mistakes in human history. Get him a phone, give him the crash course on snap chat and let the magic being. That welcome home party is gonna be willllllllllllllld. ATL might burn down this weekend. Banner week for Atlanta. First they’re rewarded a Super Bowl and then Gucci comes home. I would get an ice cream cone tattooed on my face to be at that Welcome Home party.



The original (and better) Lemonade. GUCCI HOME