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This Guy Breaking The World Record For Most Hugs In One Minute Is A Sensational Video



All hail the king! A masterful performance. What a gripping 60 seconds that was. Hug form on a hundred thousand trillion from that guy. #TemHug to the max. I’m exhausted just after watching that. They had the form down to a science. Nothing says India like making a bunch of kids line up so they can hug a stranger for .01 seconds to beat a world record. I will say this, I need a Rocky-like montage of that guy’s hugging training. What’s his regimen? What’s his diet like? At what point in his life did he decide he wanted to become the hugging champion of the world? There’s enough there for a 30 for 30. I guarantee he has a mannequin at home that he just hugs over and over and over again. No pain, no gain. Sensational video. Absolutely sensational.



Blood, sweat and tears my friends. Emphasis on the sweat.


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