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I Think The Red Sox Might Need To Trade Blake Swihart Right Now





I have a lot of questions, Blake. Number one, how dare you?



I’ve already expressed my concern with Swihart after his disastrous initial folk hitting, but now I’m not sure I’m kidding anymore. Point Break? The new Point Break is your all time favorite movie? I’m a man who loves a bad movie, everyone knows that. San Andreas, the Fast franchise, Transformers, anything with Kevin Hart, I love all that shit. So an action flick with a 9% Rotten Tomatoes score should be right in my wheelhouse, but I tried watching that on a plane and had to turn it off. Given the option of the new Point Break or nothing, I chose to read emergency escape plans like I wasn’t just going to die in the event of a disaster. It’s one of the worst things you’ll ever see in your life and anyone who loved it cannot be trusted. Take that from a guy who knows and appreciates horrible things. Blake, you gotta get it together or you gotta go. Ball’s in your court.



PS – I’m giving Swihart a pass for Jake Cole. I’m guessing this was a verbal interview and whoever asked him just wrote J. Cole down incorrectly.


PPS – Candy Crush is almost just as bad as Point Break (the new one) imo. Candy Crush is there to remind you that you never should have accepted your friend’s mom’s friend request. It’s not for professional baseball players. Say Twitter or Instagram like a normal person, you new Point Break loving psycho.